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Pink Beach Organic Vegan Bath Soak

Highly recommend this product

This is my second time to buy this product and I have bought it as a present for someone as well. It really works! It really helps aching muscles and back pain. I have put it on going to bed and gotten up with significant improvement the following morning. Although it is an expensive product it lasts a long time as you don’t need to use much and there is great comfort that it is made from 100% natural ingredients and no chemicals.

Excellent oil

A true bliss and relief for the muscles.
Excellent! Have bought it multiple times and will continue!

Let go

My mother and I both use this. Wonderfully relaxing and soothing. Helps you let go of accumulated tension and stress. Treat yourself! You deserve it.

I'm really enjoying this product.

I like the scent, it smells fresh and clean and I've come to associate the smell with yoga and meditation so it's helping me quiet and calm my mind and focus. I like the texture, it's not too oily and absorbs nicely into the skin. Excellent product.

In need this in my life right now!

The uplifting zesty fragrance sets me up for the days every day.

Relax Body Oil
One of my absolute favorite things

I honestly cannot imagine my skin routine without it. I apply two drops of it to my face after washing in the morning and before going to bed. My skin is only a little bit dry so i need very little. A small amount is enough to sooth my skin and the scent, which i breath in deep from the palms of my hands, calms me too. This oil combined with a gentle, natural face wash is all i need to keep my skin happy.

I bought in bulk this time!

I adore these oils! I bought 4 and gave one to a friend for her birthday. She loved the oils and I was telling her how gorgeous they are to use in the shower , after a bath, really anytime! The silky feel and the gorgeous aroma just give me such a lift and make me feel pampered and cared for:) They are my treat to myself and I share them - sometimes;) with people I love πŸ’•

Highly recommend

I found the guided meditation to be easy to follow and effective. The register of the voice over is one that is calming without too much inflection to distract you from the meditation. It moves at a great pace, easy for a soon as you wake up, lunch break or right before bed session to reset. Great instructions and flow, highly recommend.

I absolutely love my teas!

I have each one, the flavors are bold and refreshing. Such high quality. Perfect for an evening treat.

Such a treat

It smells amazing! My boyfriend even uses it for baths.

Exactly what I needed!

I feel better after I complete my meditation. I use it whenever I'm feeling stressed. The best part is, it's in my pocket and ready to go whenever I need it.