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Where To Buy Womens Loungewear

This is the perfect time for me to introduce you to Douglas Lynn. Hi my name is Crystal, I"m the owner and founder of Douglas Lynn. We are an online women's loungewear boutique.

So the big question that has come up for you, and even for me is, "where to buy women's loungewear", (that's why I started this boutique). It's a good question. The answer, there are many options, but for me finding something fun, comfortable, that fit, was quality, and that I could afford that wasn't just a brand pushed by a celebrity was what I was looking for. Sourcing and curating women's loungewear that fits this mold has become a mission of mine, as well as something I enjoy and take pride in. Plus I listen to what you have to say, what you want, and I do my best to source it and make it available to you direct from the vendor (that's how we get that magical free shipping for you)! 

Honey... look no further, your next favorite pair of sweats, comfy lounge sets, oversized tees, and house slippers is just one click away!

Oh, one more thing! You'll get more than just loungewear, you'll get an experience, you'll find what we call Lounge Love! 

Lounge Love is when you fall in love with the perfect loungewear and wear it on over and over again ♡ I want you to fall in love with your loungewear, and I know that you will because we offer:

♡ Comfort that transitions into your daily life, we select pieces that you can wear outdoors and in.

♡ Quality pieces, only items I personally wear and own make the boutique.

♡ A focus on sustainability and slow fashion. We ship direct to you from the vendor to cut down on wasted inventory. We also try to source products that are made with sustainable fabrics.

So are you ready to fall in love? Browse the boutique and find those special pieces to add to your wardrobe today! As a gift here is 10% off your first order: WELCOMELOUNGE10

I look forward to helping you update you loungewear wardrobe!

Crystal's Favorites 🤍

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